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Agency Owners / Freelancers - Subjects:

  • 1) Essential software for agency owners / consultants
  • 2) Put YOUR agency head & shoulders above the competition


It’s no secret that SERVICE sells …
And in the face of skyrocketing competition, customer support has a massive impact on your profitability.

Maybe you’re ‘winging it’, trying to do everything manually.
Or are paying HUGE monthly fees for softwares that only do half of the job. Either way … that’s no way to run a business

Introducing MotoSupport: the world’s 1st STANDALONE Support Desk Solution

This powerful software makes it point & click easy to deliver PREMIUM support to both customers and prospects.

It makes you look like a PRO while saving you massive amounts of time & money over existing products.

Here’s a quick overview of the features built-in to the software:

  • => Handles UNLIMITED products & brands
  • => Add UNLIMITED users & even assign agents to different products
  • => 1-click email integration with over 20 autoresponders
  • => Automated support ticket generation
  • => Instant, real-time notifications of new support requests
  • => INCLUDED mobile app lets you or your team reply to support questions from your phone
  • => Auto-reply lets you send professional replies even when you’re offline
  • => Customer Satisfaction Surveys - ideal for social proof and improving your support
  • => Detailed Support Updates - send summaries of each ticket by email to customers
  • => Agent Performance Reports - see at-a-glance how each support member is performing

Bottom line?

MotoSupport is the ONLY support-desk software you’ll EVER need!

Choose from self-hosted or fully-hosted plans available for MUCH LESS than softwares with fewer features.

>> Use this, and your customers will thank you with their wallets!

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Service Providers / Product Sellers - Subjects:

  • 1) Give your customers world-class support [software]
  • 2) Who’s running YOUR support desk?


Ever wonder why you’re struggling to sell enough of your products & services? Chances are it’s not about traffic, promotion, selection or even price …

It comes down to the one thing customers & prospects DEMAND - support.

Today’s consumers EXPECT on-site support, to get answers to their questions, before they pull the trigger.

But most support desk softwares are crazy expensive and complicated to set up.

>> Until now

MotoSupport is the world’s 1st standalone support desk software solution … and can help you reach or exceed ALL your sales goals.

It’s jam-packed with features that make you look like a pro, and keep your prospects & customers happy:

  • => Handles UNLIMITED products & brands
  • => Add UNLIMITED users & even assign agents to different products
  • => 1-click email integration with over 20 autoresponders
  • => Automated support ticket generation
  • => Instant, real-time notifications of new support requests
  • => INCLUDED mobile app lets you or your team reply to support questions from your phone
  • => Auto-reply lets you send professional replies even when you’re offline
  • => Customer Satisfaction Surveys - ideal for social proof and improving your support
  • => Detailed Support Updates - send summaries of each ticket by email to customers
  • => Agent Performance Reports - see at-a-glance how each support member is performing

Best part?

Installing MotoSupport on your sites goes a long way to keeping your payment processor happy … showing compliance teams you have a dedicated support system in place.

>> Click here for full product details & demo

Then take advantage of the early-bird to get the only support desk software you’ll EVER need for way less than any alternative.

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Launch #1 - Subjects:

  • 1) 1-Step Sales Booster
  • 2) Simple hack for higher profits


Biggest mistake most online marketers make? Not realizing that web customers are EXACTLY like shoppers in physical stores.

Browsers become buyers when they get help & answers to their questions. Pretty simple, right?

Walk into any decent store, and at some point SOME staff member is going to ask if you need help.

Why should shopping online be any different?

According to Forbes, over 80% of customers are on the lookout for websites with a real-time, customer service support tool.
That’s FOUR out of FIVE site visitors looking for help!

Offer support on-site, make more sales. Don’t offer support, lose prospects to the competition.

The good news?
Automated online support for your websites has NEVER been easier or more affordable.

>> Check this out NOW!

In a single step, you can have a powerful standalone support system in place on ALL your websites …
Turn more browsers into buyers …
And increase average sales per customer.

This one-step solution can put MORE money in your pocket … WITHOUT paying more for traffic.

Seeing is believing, so check out the demo here …

Then lock-in access at an amazing early-bird discount.

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Launch #2 - Subjects:

  • 1) If you like losing $, don’t open this
  • 2) Shortcut to losing customers & profits


Digital marketers are funny.
They’ll spend ALL kinds of money on great looking websites, products & traffic … Then IGNORE on-site visitors and lose all kinds of profits.

We all know - well at least Richard Branson knows - that SERVICE is what sells. He’s built a multi-billion dollar empire using cutting-edge support that turns browsers into buyers.

>> Click here to turn YOUR traffic into profits!

MotoSupport is the world’s 1st standalone support desk. You can have it up-and-running on ALL your sites in minutes. To engage prospects & customers and turn views into cash.

Unlike the competition, it’s incredibly affordable. And it’s packed with ALL the features digital marketers need:

Automated ticket generation.
1-click integration with your favorite autoresponder.
Lets you run support for UNLIMITED products. INCLUDED mobile app lets you or your team engage prospects from your phone. Built-in ‘autoreply’ gives your customers the answers they need, even when you’re offline.

Plus, well, a helluva lot more.

>> Watch the demo to see how MotoSupport can make YOU more cash

If you like leaking money, or sending your prospects to the competition, this isn’t for you. But if you want to increase sales, profits & referral traffic … take a close look.

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P.S. if you’re serious about results, jump on the 1st upgrade option to add LIVE CHAT to your sites for even HIGHER sales conversions

Launch #3 - Subjects:

  • 1) 5X your website profits [software]
  • 2) Turn more traffic into higher profits


There’s one thing missing on way too many websites … And it’s costing these marketers a TON in lost sales.

With it, conversions go up 20-30% on average. Referral traffic - the best kind - goes up as much as 600%. And 7 out of 10 customers spend MORE money per order.

What’s this ‘magic’ tool that effortlessly boost profits? Online support - a simple way for prospects & customers to get answers to questions.

Most online support softwares are VERY expensive and can be technical NIGHTMARES to set up.

>> THIS can be up & running in minutes on all your sites, AND can be all yours for a low one-time cost!

This standalone support solution has been developed SPECIFICALLY for online marketers. With all the features to make your life easy, including:

  • => Auto-reply
  • => Supports unlimited products
  • => Lets you add unlimited users / agents
  • => Integration with over 22 autoresponders
  • => Automated ticket generation
  • => Instant notifications
  • => INCLUDED mobile app

Plus a LOT more.
Install this, and watch your traffic, sales & conversions go thru the roof.

Not only that - it’s a great way to keep your payment processor’s compliance team happy - which these days is a HUGE deal.

>> See it in action here!

Then hurry and grab yours while the early-bird discount is still around.

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P.S. make sure you grab the 1st upgrade - automated chat - to double the profit power of this solution [also just a one-time cost]

Traffic / Business Building - Subjects:

  • 1) You’re the PROOF that this works
  • 2) How to get OTHERS to build your business for you


Referrals are what make the business world go around.
How many times have you visited a website or business based on the recommendation of a friend?

We’ve all done it … and that’s all the proof you need to know that referral traffic just plain WORKS.

When you get OTHERS making positive recommendations about your sites and offers … profits go through the roof.

>> THIS is how you do it!

MotoSupport is an all-in-one support solution that turns your site visitors, prospects & customers into raving fans … fans that on average tell at least 6 other people about your site.

That’s a 600% traffic increase - WITHOUT any extra ad cost … And it’s the best traffic you can get - REFERRAL traffic.

Doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Online, offline, any niche & any industry. If you have a website promoting your products or services …

>> You NEED this free traffic shortcut!

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P.S. steal this at the massively discounted launch price, and be sure to pick up the 1st upgrade [live chat] to take your results to the next level

ReSend #1 - Subjects:

  • 1) HEY - Don’t miss this!
  • 2) You’re about to miss out


Friendly reminder that the discount on MotoSupport is ending soon. In case you missed my earlier messages, here’s a quick summary:

This standalone software can increase sales, conversions & traffic on ALL your sites.

It’s easier to use and MUCH cheaper than any other alternative software. AND it can boost compliance with your payment processor, helping keep your account secure.

If you’re using the internet to promote anything at all …

This is an ESSENTIAL investment.

>> Get full details and ongoing access here!

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P.S. the one-time pricing option goes away when the launch closes …
hurry to get everything WITHOUT paying recurring fees!

P.P.S. IF the 1st upgrade [live chat] is still available, grab it while you can for game-changing results

ReSend #2 - Subjects:

  • 1) [Time sensitive] Don’t say I didn’t warn ya
  • 2) PLEASE don’t miss out on this [urgent]


If I told you there was a SURE-FIRE way to increase your website profits … WITHOUT paying more for ads … would you want to hear more about it?

I sure as heck hope so - because we’re all in the business of making money.

Recently I’ve been sharing details about a standalone software that can do just that - with stats to back it up - and it’s cheaper & easier to use than ANYTHING else on the market.

>> Watch this demo NOW!

Then hurry to grab your copy because the discounted pricing is about to

Right now you can lock in your license for an incredibly low price, and use this software to skyrocket conversions, sales & traffic to ALL your sites.

Proof of results - all over the page. This software combines the latest tech with an incredibly friendly user platform - you won’t need ANY tech skills to get the benefits right out of the box.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating:
I wouldn’t even THINK of running a website without this.


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Profits / Conversions - Subjects:

  • 1) Brain-dead SIMPLE hack to higher profits
  • 2) Why website flash doesn’t mean extra cash


Here’s an eye-opener for ya:
Most visitors don’t give a CRAP about the fancy conversion tools marketers use on their websites.

Animations, 3D video effects, talking avatars?
Don’t do much to motivate people to hit the buy button.

What does?
What do most visitors actually EXPECT on websites? But very few sites actually offer?

Online support.
Sure, it doesn’t make your site look like the next Star Wars movie.

But wow, does it ever increase sales & conversions!
Something as simple as a portal for prospects to get answers to questions can mean:

  • => A 20-30% increase in conversions
  • => A huge increase in average order value
  • => Boost in referral traffic up to 600%
  • => An average 60% increase in return site visitors

How do you put a one-stop solution on ALL your sites to get results like these?

>> By grabbing THIS

Powerful, easy-to-use … and cheaper than any other alternatives I’ve found. One-time pricing available, for a limited time.

Sure, stick with the animations and pop-ups if that floats your boat. But if you want to make some actual MONEY from your sites & offers …

>> Use this

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Payment Processor Compliance - Subjects:

  • 1) They’re dropping like flies
  • 2) What happened to [insert famous marketer name here]?


You may have noticed your inbox has been a little less crowded with marketing emails lately. What happened?

Payment processors have been suspending or cancelling the accounts of a lot of digital marketers - basically putting them out of business.

There are many reasons behind this - and in some cases the suspensions weren’t even deserved - but the bottom line is many marketers are scrambling.

Imagine if overnight YOUR payment processor shut down your account - you’d pretty much be out of business.

Not a pretty picture, but it’s happening every day - and you don’t want it to happen to you.

>> Check this for a GREAT way to keep YOUR payment processor happy

This software lets you run automated support on all of your sites. Obviously the MAIN benefit is this can drastically increase sales & conversions …

But the huge ADDED benefit is it helps keep payment processor compliance teams happy. When these companies see you’ve got a system in place to take care of customers, you’re much ‘lower risk’ to them.

While support software alone can’t guarantee your account stays compliant - it goes a LONG WAY to showing your payment processor you’re running a legit business.

And after the shakedowns of the last few months, I wouldn’t even THINK of running a site without it.

>> Full details and early-bird discount access here!

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P.S. this is the most powerful, yet SIMPLE support solution I’ve ever found for digital marketers … hurry and get yours for the lowest possible cost

FAQ - Subjects

  • 1) MotoSupport - do you need it? [FAQ]
  • 2) The complete 411 on MotoSupport, and why you need it


Recently I’ve been telling you about the new MotoSupport software, and have had a lot of follow-up questions …
So here I’ll cover the software in detail and why it’s something you seriously need to consider. Note - this is a longer email, so if you want to jump straight to the full details, visit the offer page here.

What Is MotoSupport?

A standalone online support desk you can install on ALL your sites. Options include either a one-time fee - if you host it yourself …
Or a monthly plan - which includes dedicated hosting, installation, backups & industry-grade security

Why Do You Need It?

Stats across a huge range of industries show that online support increases:

  • - Conversions - by 20-30% on average
  • - Customer order value
  • - Referral traffic - up to 600%
  • - REPEAT site visits - 60% more repeat visits on average

As importantly, online support on your sites can help protect your payment processor account.

Many marketers have had their accounts shut down recently - and while there are many reasons - payment processors consider online marketing ‘high risk’.

On-site support shows these companies you’re running a real business with a dedicated portal for customers … and this helps keep compliance teams happy.

What Makes MotoSupport A Standalone Solution?

Plenty of features built especially for digital marketers, including:

  • => Supports unlimited products
  • => Add unlimited users, even assign different agents to specific products
  • => Integrates with over 22 autoresponders
  • => Automated ticket generation with instant notifications
  • => Auto-reply functionality (for when you or your team are offline)
  • => Customer feedback scores - so visitors can rate their support experience - AMAZING for social proof
  • => Detailed support updates, including email summaries you can send to each customer
  • => Detailed performance reports, showing you how well your team is handling support requests
  • => INCLUDED MOBILE APP - this one’s huge - lets you or your team reply to support requests from your phone

Are There Upsells & Do You Need Them?

Yes, and - it depends.

Of the 4 upgrades, 3 are designed to increase your profits & sales potential.
The one I think is essential is upgrade #1 - MotoChatBot.

This lets you add LIVE and/or AUTOMATED chat to your support - which is a
massive profit booster - and for the low one-time cost I’d say its essential.

That’s MotoSupport in a nutshell.
It’s really an amazing piece of software - priced way lower than the competition, with way MORE features than most alternatives.

In today’s economy, I wouldn’t run a website without it.

>> Click here for demo and full details!

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Authority - Subjects:

  • 1) When these guys talk, SMART marketers listen
  • 2) How serious marketers make SERIOUS profits


You’ve seen dozens (hundreds?) of great-looking offers before.You get to the offer page, and realize you’ve NEVER heard of the creators behind the product.
Doesn’t give you a lot of confidence, does it?

Well Vivek, Himanshu & their team of over 50 developers have been walking the talk for 10 years.

They’ve been behind over 20 of the most successful software launches in recent years.

How did they become industry leaders in such a competitive market? By delivering TOP QUALITY support to prospects & clients.

Here’s what just a few people are saying:

“Vivek and his team have consistently been behind the tech for some of the biggest launches in the space” - Andy Fletcher, FOUNDER of Convertri

“5 Stars For Customer Support - Quick response, the best I have ever seen”

“I requested support … 2 minutes after I had my 1st reply … and they fixed everything!”

So, Vivek & Himanshu have literally built their business on the back of top quality support. And they KNOW it isn’t easy to deliver - most softwares out there are expensive, complicated nightmares.

So they built the world’s 1st STANDALONE SUPPORT SOLUTION … Specifically for digital marketers.

It’s SHOCKINGLY low-priced.

It’s PACKED with powerful features you’d expect to pay much more for. And all by itself can turn your websites into automated profit machines.

>> Watch this demo to see it in action NOW!

Then hurry to lock in your early-bird discount.
This single software can do more for your profits this WEEK than a dozen other softwares can do in 6 months.

Big claim? Sure is. Backed up by the best in the game.

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