Great News, Your Account Is Almost Set Up. Big Question Is … How Do You Turn
Motosupport Into A Sales Machine?

How To Grow Your Business & Profits Faster Than Ever...

$1800 / month

  • Dedicated Person 8 Hours A Day
  • Can Answer Technical & Non Technical Tickets
MotoSupport - Hire Support Desk Developer

$800 / month

  • Dedicated Person 8 Hours A Day
  • Can Answer Non Technical Tickets
MotoSupport - Hire Support Desk Executive
MotoSupport is going to make your life a WHOLE LOT easier & more profitable ... But your results will depend on the quality of your support team.
Ask yourself this:

Would you rather work FOR your business, or have your business work FOR YOU?

The software you’ve just invested in can have a MASSIVE positive impact on your profits … but you need qualified support agents in your corner.

So when prospects or customers have questions … They get accurate & FAST answers that push them to the ‘buy now’ button.

No One Can Run A Business Alone

Nobody goes into business thinking “I’d like to work 20 hours a day and do everything myself”. You’re in digital marketing to make money the SMART way, not the hard way.

For that to happen, you need the right people in the right place at the right time.

Here’s the great news:

It’s SURPRISINGLY affordable to hire a full-time support specialist.

Here’s the ‘not-so-great-news’:

Finding the right person isn’t easy.

You could search Fiverr or other sites with VAs offering a range of services … Find dozens of results, with dozens of price points, and ratings that range all over the map.

Even if you stumble upon someone that looks like they’d be a good fit … You’d have to spend hours training them about your specific products.

And risk LOSING sales and profits to agents with no track record.

That’s no way to run a profitable business.

Welcome To Your Live Support Solution

At Team Moto, we’ve worked with top support agencies for years.Have negotiated the lowest possible prices with their agents ...
And can pass those savings DIRECTLY to you.
Instead of expensive trial and error … Or wasting days, weeks or even months finding & training specialists to handle support for you …
You can tap into our exclusive network of highly qualified specialists to get you the results you deserve … at a much lower price than you’d pay anywhere else.
Each agent has passed rigorous tests for delivering consistently EXCELLENT customer service.
In addition, each agent is a PRO at upselling clients at every opportunity - to put more money in your pocket WHILE delivering leading-edge support.

Your Business. Made Better

Leading business owners like Sir Richard Branson & Kevin Johnson of Starbucks have built industry-disrupting companies based on their SUPPORT teams.

Top-earning digital marketers are doing the same. By hiring the best support agents to drive sales for their businesses, 24/7.

Now it’s your turn.
For a FRACTION of the cost of any alternative, you can have fully-qualified EXPERTS turning your support channels into ONGOING sales engines.

You’re getting top-quality support agents from the EXACT networks we’ve used to maintain and grow our 6 figure businesses.

Dedicated professionals, running your support channels full time.
Literally MAKING money , by increasing sales, customer
retention and referral traffic.

Choose from 2 plans for a custom support system for your business, that drives ongoing leads, sales and profits:

  • Have a dedicated support agent on-hand LIVE for 8 hours a day to reply to any support tickets
  • This agent is able to reply to both technical AND non technical issues, for a fully one-stop support solution

Full Time, LIVE Support Specialist 8 Hours A Day, SIX Days Per Week Handles BOTH Technical & General Tickets

$1800 / month

MotoSupport - Hire Support Desk Developer
  • Dedicated support agent on-hand LIVE for 8 hours a day
  • This agent can reply to non-technical issues and refer more specialized tickets to either you or your team

Full Time, LIVE Support Agent 8 Hours A Day, SIX Days Per Week Handles General Tickets

$800 / month

MotoSupport - Hire Support Desk Executive

Make The Smart Choice To Make MORE

A great support team pays for itself many times over, by taking care of your greatest assets: your prospects & customers.

Compare the cost of lost sales & customers to the small investment in live support …

And you’ll realize you can’t afford NOT to hire the best.
  • It’s anywhere from 5 to 25 times MORE expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep an existing one - Harvard Business Review
  • A 5% increase in customer retention can increase revenue by 25 - 95% - Hubspot
  • 50% of customers INCREASE their purchasing with a brand after a positive customer service experience - Hubspot

You won’t find more qualified support agents for a lower price ANYWHERE. As a MotoSupport customer, you get access to the best support at the lowest possible rates.

Get these agents for a fraction of what you’d pay anywhere else ... And watch your conversion rates, sales & customer satisfaction scores go through the roof.

We’ve built our ENTIRE business on the back of premium support. And are happy to give you the EXACT RESOURCES we’ve done to do it, to help take YOUR business to the next level.

So choose the plan that best suits your needs, and get started today!


Dedicated Agent - 8 Hours Per Day - Technical And General Request Tickets

$1800 / month

MotoSupport - Hire Support Desk Developer

Dedicated Agent - 8 Hours Per Day - General Request Tickets

$800 / month

MotoSupport - Hire Support Desk Executive